services / chipping
As supplier in the machining sector, we offer contract manufacturing, production of parts, as well as "extended workbench" - services. On state-of-the-art machines we produce components of highest precision and custom parts from all machinable  raw materials.

In addition to conventional machining of turned and milled parts, our services encompass amongst others also CNC turning, CNC milling, surface and cylindrical grinding, sinking and wire EDM and the measuring of components.
Processing options


Wire EDM

Sinking EDM

Surface grinding

Cylindrical grinding

X 880 Y 630 Z 630, component weight 800 kg, 5- axis simultaneous

Ø250 x 525 distance between centers, 16 driven tools,
Ø65 bar capacity with short bar loader

x 900 Y 900 Z 500, work piece weight 1000 kg

X 500 Y 320 Z 150, work piece weight 350 kg

X 600 Y 300 Z 350,  work piece weight 250 kg

Ø 300 x 600

X 700 Y 450 Z 450,  work piece weight 230 kg

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